Kasgar Lamb Kebabs

Kashgar is an ancient oasis city in the westernmost prefecture (Xinjiang) of China. Its inhabitants are mostly Turk and Uyghur people with Islamic faith. For us it only means that their food is divers, fusion, halal (made according to the Islamic rules) and very-very tasty.
From the ideas, spices and ingredients travelled on the ancient Silk Road they picked their favorites and here we are with a spicy lamb kebab in a Chinese style steam bún. All right, we may have added the open face Chinese bread, taco style, but we only followed the mixing traditions of the Silk Road. So just try our very first Funky Pho fusion dish: the Kashgar lamb kebab with Taiwanese style open face steamed bún. What you experience is beyond words but still I have to try: the very earthy lamb juices mixing with the cumin and get its kick from the grill then underlined by the cilantro and spring onions and just a hint of the world famous Sriracha sauce embraced by the soft, aery steamed bread. Yummmmm.