Banh Cuon

There is this dish, Banh Cuon, which hunts us for years, and after a lot of trials and errors it has arrived to Funky Pho. We first met with it in Hanoi, but as we travelled more we have discovered that almost all rice eating countries have something similar.
We already knew why: it is so simple it hits you in the face. It is so complex it hits you in your face. First you have to admire the technique. The ladies who are making it look as if they’d fly. (link a blog postra, ld lent)Second is the look. You have not seen uglier food in your life. And then the first bite: it is funky, slimey, chewy, crunchy, salty, meaty, ricey in tree worlds: boom, boom, boom. You will never be the same again. OK, now about the food itself: it is a steamed rice “pancake” which is filled with wood ear mushroom and ground pork, lots of fried shallots on top and dipped in Vietnamese table sauce. Get ready to be amazed!