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Banh Cuon

There is this dish, Banh Cuon, which hunts us for years, and after a lot of trials and errors it has arrived to Funky Pho. We first met with it in Hanoi, but as we travelled more we have discovered that almost all rice eating countries have something similar. (more…)

Kasgar Lamb Kebabs

Kashgar is an ancient oasis city in the westernmost prefecture (Xinjiang) of China. Its inhabitants are mostly Turk and Uyghur people with Islamic faith. For us it only means that their food is divers, fusion, halal (made according to the Islamic rules) and very-very tasty. (more…)

Tom Yam

We have traveled to Thailand once more and opted for the most famous Tom Yam soup as weekly special. It’s total freshness makes it very special and effective. (more…)